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A new generation of engineered vaccine candidates enters clinical testing

At AIDS 2018, one message that will come out loud and clear is that more than 30 years later, AIDS isn’t over. If the upcoming conference sets the tone for the HIV/AIDS response, it will hopefully be that while there is still a long road to ending AIDS, the path is finally becoming clearer. And this is, in part, because of advances in HIV prevention research. While the use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis—a daily antiretroviral to prevent HIV infection—picks up steam, so-called broadly neutralizing antibodies are revolutionizing vaccine research and HIV prevention efforts more broadly. For the first time, researchers are advancing a new class of vaccine candidates specifically engineered to kickstart the induction of broadly neutralizing antibodies that can face up to the extreme genetic variation of the virus and all its circulating forms. In this issue, we detail this exciting progress as well as the advances in developing the broadly neutralizing antibodies themselves for HIV prevention, an effort referred to as passive administration.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

HIV GreenIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then the recently held workshop "Harnessing Novel Imaging Approaches to Guide HIV Prevention and Cure Discoveries" was probably akin to Proust. This two-day meeting featured a slew of interesting pictures of the virus and in this issue we have a curated selection of some of the best images, which are both informative and striking.


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